About Us

I have been taking pictures for several years, first picking up a point and shoot camera at a wedding, and deciding I wanted to take much better pictures. I watched the photographers at this wedding and realised that I could do that, but I didn�t like the way they working � but my own pictures were not brilliant either, and neither was the camera I was holding in my hand.

I bought my first real camera, and after a couple of years of shooting at anything and everything, pressing buttons and playing with settings, and maybe sometimes getting a result, I found a mentor to teach me how it works properly.

Roll on a year or so later, and I am following official photographers around at weddings, including being the second shooter with my mentor. I still learn things as I shoot, and a few cameras and lenses later, I am now being asked by my mentor to do weddings in his place.

I take what I do seriously, although I am very jovial and like to make people feel relaxed around me. I am also a perfectionist, but very modest about my work � Those who are into astrology would say that I match my Aquariatic (think I might have just made up a word!) sign perfectly.

I take inspiration from other photographers and am not afraid to try things out myself. This is why I use engagement shoots, as it also has means of experimentation with the couple, to see if they like the way I shoot and how I am around them. I don�t want a couple to away and not like what I do.

I post inspiration shots onto Pinterest if anyone is interested. (Click down the bottom to find my site),

~~~The greatest compliment to my work is people using it on social media and the like as profile pictures, and their friends commenting on it to say they love it too, regardless of whether they actually give any credit for it. ~~~

By trade I am a business IT consultant. I have always been into graphics and so image manipulation was just another branch of that tree, but photography is a developing hobby, forming into more and more work. My day job takes me into schools and other educational establishments, so I am fully CRB checked, and very good with children.

I am family man with a little girl, who demands my full attention, and probably gets very fed up of me pointing a camera in her direction so much, so occasionally I need to point it at someone else!